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Hat tip: Colleen Hammond


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Two comments overheard at tonight’s Light Weigh meeting:

We are so blessed to have a priest like Father Hilton, who had the vision to help us get a beautiful worship space!


Father Hilton is going to wake up with sore cheek muscles tomorrow because he’s been smiling so hard all weekend!

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“It’s fun! It’s free! It’s easy for your mom, hey!”

And it’s not a surprise that there’s a Dominican involved!

Hat tip to Patrick Madrid

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A few nights ago, I found a link to “If the Saints Wrote Conversations Hearts” over on the Acts of the Apostasy blog. Blogger LarryD has some great candy hearts with saintly inscriptions. Here’s one of his:

St. Benedict

Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day, LarryD’s work inspired me to try a few. Here one for Saint Dominic and a few other members of the Communion of Saints:

St. Dominc Guzman, OP

St. Nicholas

Blessed John Paul II

The creation tool is here if you want to give it a shot. Good luck!

Hat tip Paul Camarata at the SaintCast

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Dominican Joke of the Day #7

A Dominican friar who taught theology at Fenwick High School in Chicago asked his students what a homily was for them.

A first student answered that it was an explanation to the Gospel. Another said it was a commentary to a feast day celebration. A third said it was an occasion to stress moral teachings or doctrines of the Church.

One particular student struck the teacher as having the most promising answer when he said, “It’s like medicine.”

The young friar was intrigued. Hiding his amusement, he asked the student why he thought it so.

The student casually remarked, “Because a homily makes you well, but at the same time makes you feel drowsy.”

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“A Franciscan, a Dominican, and a Jesuit go on a fishing cruise. . . “

As told by Father Jim Martin, S.J.:

A tip of the ol’ biretta to the dotMagis blog

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Three priests, a Dominican, a Franciscan, and a Jesuit, were in the same hospice. All were near death. One evening, the Angel of Death appeared before them and informed them that it was their time. He said, however, that each could have a final request before accompanying him from this world.

The Dominican went first and he asked to gaze upon the face of his Savior. In an instant the face of Christ appeared before him. He was satisfied and felt he could die with no regrets.

The Franciscan was next. He asked to touch the wounds in the hands and feet of Jesus before he died. No sooner than Christ appeared and invited him, as he did Thomas, to examine His wounds. The dying priest touched Christ’s hands and feet, wept with joy and was content and at peace.

Finally the Angel of Death turned to the Jesuit and asked his final request.

Without hesitation the Jesuit replied: “I’d like a second opinion.”

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