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Compare to the before version:


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On 1 October 2008, this blog posted PDF files of the design proposal discussed at the “Thank You” dinner earlier that week. You can find the description and the original images here: https://2008remodel.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/on-line-folder/

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nave (nāv) noun In religious architecture, the part of a church between the side aisles, extending from the chancel to the principal entrance, thereby forming the main part of the building.


Images of the Holy Trinity Nave:

Nave Records (according to Wikipedia)

UPDATE: More Architecture 101 here:

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Second Order Goals

Visibility of the Church from the Exterior

  • That the church might have more presence – specifically as a church – from nearby streets and from Federal Blvd.
  • Church is somewhat hidden currently within the campus of buildings
  • That the approach to the church invites all to come, and allows us to prepare our hearts in anticipation for Holy Mass.

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13 April 2008, 8:42AM MDT –
First Communion, Second Grade, third try…

Yes, in Second Grade the boys greatly outnumber the girls.

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