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Before (2007):

Long Before (original circa 1966):

During (November 2009):

During (January 2010):

After (Far):


For more views of our project, see our Picture of the Day list.


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Happy Easter!

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Thanks to Judy Bettinger for the photography.

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An image of Saint Joseph a.k.a. San Jose, from the Nativity statue set at Holy Trinity.

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and to dust thou shalt return.

The image of Christ Crucified from the Holy Trinity Sanctuary Statuary.

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nave (nāv) noun In religious architecture, the part of a church between the side aisles, extending from the chancel to the principal entrance, thereby forming the main part of the building.


Images of the Holy Trinity Nave:

Nave Records (according to Wikipedia)

UPDATE: More Architecture 101 here:

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The statues are undergoing refurbishment. Last July, while they were waiting to be shipped out I captured this image of the face of the corpus from the main crucifix.

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Dave Koski sends an image from last month’s open house:

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