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Architect Adam Hermanson shares these design images of the sacramental furnishings.

Main Altar:

Main Altar 112009

Altar of Repose:



Baptismal Font:

Baptismal Font

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The Holy Trinity maintenance staff have done a great job preparing a temporary home that is both functional and reverent.  Here is a quick look at our new church in the gym:

Up the main aisle:


The altar and the ambo:


A close-up of the altars of sacrifice and repose:


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From the General Instructions of the Roman Missal:

The Ambo

309. The dignity of the word of God requires that the church have a place that is suitable for the proclamation of the word and toward which the attention of the whole congregation of the faithful naturally turns during the Liturgy of the Word.

It is appropriate that this place be ordinarily a stationary ambo and not simply a movable lectern. The ambo must be located in keeping with the design of each church in such a way that the ordained ministers and lectors may be clearly seen and heard by the faithful.

From the ambo only the readings, the responsorial Psalm, and the Easter Proclamation (Exsultet) are to be proclaimed; it may be used also for giving the homily and for announcing the intentions of the Prayer of the Faithful. The dignity of the ambo requires that only a minister of the word should go up to it.

It is appropriate that a new ambo be blessed according to the rite described in the Roman Ritual before it is put into liturgical use.

From Built of Living Stones:

The Ambo

§ 61 § The central focus of the area in which the word of God is proclaimed during the liturgy is the ambo. The design of the ambo and its prominent placement reflects the dignity and nobility of that saving word and draws the attention of those present to the proclamation of the word. Here the Christian community encounters the living Lord in the word of God and prepares itself for the “breaking of the bread” and the mission to live the word that will be proclaimed. An ample area around the ambo is needed to allow a Gospel procession with a full complement of ministers bearing candles and incense. The Introduction to the Lectionary recommends that the design of altar and ambo bear an “harmonious and close relationship” to one another in order to emphasize the close relationship between word and Eucharist. Since many people share in the ministry of the word, the ambo should be accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities.

§ 62 § Our reverence for the word of God is expressed not only in an attentive listening to and reflection upon the Scripture, but also by the way we handle and treat the Book of the Gospels. The ambo can be designed not only for reading and preaching, but also for displaying the open Book of the Gospels or a copy of the Scriptures before and after the liturgical celebration.

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10 November 2007 — Father Lorenzo Ricci reads the Gospel at the ambo during the Mass of Dedication for the new Father Puhl center. Image courtesy of Allan Eckert.

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