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Fra Angelico's 'All Saints'From the Secular Franciscan Order, a patron saints quiz:

  1. Who is the Patron of items that were lost?
  2. Which Saint is the Patron of heart patients?
  3. The popular Saint of desperate cases is _____________
  4. Who was the apostle of Emilia and is the Patron of cancer patients?
  5. St. Raphael is the Patron of _______________

Check out the full quiz (and the answers to the above questions) here:



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With her permission, I’m sharing an e-mail of suggestions from Debbie Coash.

Hi, Troy

I am not very familiar with computer stuff, but I visited the website and found it interesting and helpful, although I cannot seem to figure out how to offer suggestions, so I’m writing this e-mail to give a few thoughts. Thank you so much for putting me on this loop.

My three suggestions for the renovation would be thus:

  1. I would like to see a lot more color overall in the church, especially with the lighting. I attended a church as a child that had overhead hanging lights done in stained glass, and it always had a big effect on me for creating a spiritual aura. At present, HT is just too bland, neutral-colored and dated looking. I would like to see softer, more spiritual colors which reflect deep feelings of reverence and a passion for the Lord, such as rich shades of pinks and reds — nothing garish, but “rich” shades. I would like to see darker woods used, too. The woods we currently have also look too bland and neutral. An ideal for me would be pinks and reds, with darker woods, stained-glass lighting and a lot more candles around in beautiful, ornate candlesticks in gold, silver or crystal.
  2. I would like to see the windows on the sides of the church done in another type of glass. A lot of what we have now looks very dated. I would prefer to see more stained glass in bigger picture windows. I hate those small ones we have now where you have to pull the window toward you to open them!
  3. We really lack angels! Angels always make everything very special and mystical, and we have none in the church! I would love to see angels around the church (particularly in stained glass), but especially a Michaelangelo art depiction of a group of angels surrounding the big crucifix above the tabernacle in adoration of the Lord. I think the area around the big crucifix is too bland and austere.

Thanks for hearing me out. I hope these suggestions can help somebody.

Debbie Coash

Debbie – thanks for sharing these suggestions. You bring up some good ideas. As a note: The committee has recently been wrestling with project priorities instead of design elements. But soon we will be at the spot where we need more design ideas.

Please e-mail your suggestions, or add them to the comments. Thanks!

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