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In today’s bulletin, Father Hilton writes:


When we open our beautifully renovated church in May, there are two important volunteer positions that will need to be filled in order to help make our Sunday Masses run smoothly.

The two positions are:

Coordinator of Bell Ringers

When the new church is opened, our new bells will joyfully ring out for five minutes before every Saturday evening and Sunday Mass! The glad sound of the bells will call us to the Holy Mass and to prayer with adoration of our God. Two parishioners will be needed at each Mass to perform this ministry of bell ringing. It will be the job of the new Coordinator to sign-up bell ringers, train them and make up a monthly schedule. This volunteer position is perfect for someone who loves the Mass, likes working with people and is well organized. If you’re interested, call Fr. Hilton and he will give you all the details.

Coordinator of Sound Engineers

Our newly renovated church will have a sound engineer’s booth in the choir loft, which will allow us to constantly adjust sound levels and music mixing during the Holy Mass. This will result in a dramatic increase in the quality of sound of our music during Mass and help everyone present to hear clearly the priest and lectors. The sound booth will require a trained sound engineer to be present for each of the Masses of Saturday evening and Sunday. It will be the job of our new Coordinator of Sound Engineers to recruit and train sound engineers for each of the weekend Masses and to make up a monthly schedule. This volunteer position is perfect for someone who knows and loves sound equipment, likes working with people and is well organized. If you’re interested, please call Fr. Hilton.


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Feedback from the Townhall Meeting is coming in, and last night at our Committee Meeting, we had a chance to look over the first suggestions submitted on the Pre-Design Questionnaires. If you haven’t had a chance to tell us your ideas, please do so quickly.

Many of the suggestions can be grouped into eight hot button areas. These are (in no particular order):

  • Seating and Pews (old versus new, padded versus wood) and Kneelers *
  • Bells
  • Handicapped Access *
  • Art and Statuary
  • The Cry Room
  • Floor Covering (carpet versus smooth)
  • Facilities and Location for the Choir *
  • Temperatures and Comfort Systems *

The good news is that the committee is addressing many of these (those starred with an asterisk) directly in our first order goals. The others listed above are on our radar.

Please let us know if we’ve missed anything. We’ll be posting more on each of these topics, and any others that we may have missed.

The committee is committed to listening to everyone. However, we’ve had a few suggestions to address things that are outside of the scope of the remodeling project. Unfortunately, your Remodeling Committee won’t be able to do anything about:

  • The content of the hymnals
  • The use of Gregorian Chant during the Mass
  • The amount of paper towel dispensed in the bathrooms by the gym
  • Mass Times
  • Expanding or eliminating the use of the Tridentine Latin Mass
  • Parishioners talking in church

These are all valid concerns with life in our parish, but under our current charter, these are not issues that the committee can tackle.

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To help the renovation committee focus on the project priorities, architect Adam Hermanson asked us to list our thoughts on a pre-design questionnaire. This series of daily questions will allow parishioners to do the same. I’ll post one question per day for comment.

The seventh question is:

How could the Music Ministry better serve the Church??

Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Click the “How To Post Your Comments” tab above for instructions on how to share your thoughts.

Click these links to see Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5 and Q6.

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Choir @ Pentacost (small)

Photo of the Day: On 15 May 2005, the Holy Trinity Choir sings for the Pentecost liturgy under the direction of Jackie Bell. Click for full image.

Image courtesy of Allan Eckert.

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hitchcock_secret_agent.jpgOne of our parishioners sent the following suggestions in an e-mail. When I asked if I could post her suggestions, she said yes, if I would keep her identity private. The ideas she suggests are good, so I happily agreed in order to keep this conversation going. (That really isn’t her in the image at right.) Here are the suggestions from “Secret Agent T.”

Hi Troy, Thanks for sending this to me. It’s a great idea to open this up to everyone.I do have some ideas, which I’d like you to bring up in your next meeting. I know sometimes the budget does limit our wishes. According to my experience, these are my suggestions:
  1. Location of the choir: It would work out better in the South side instead of the North side, because:
    a) the sacristan has to go around the choir and cables, making it dangerous or difficult for her to go to the sanctuary
    b) When we open the overflow, the noise from the overflow is amplified by the microphones used by the choir.
  2. The ventilation during the year is not appropriate. There are spots where you get too cold or too warm. During the Spanish Masses, the air does not circulate, either in the winter or in the summer.
  3. I’d like to see the overflow more as part of the church, when we open it up for Mass. It’s not an inviting worshiping area. Perhaps this area could be turned into a cry room, with a glass in between the overflow and the church.
  4. The sound system needs to me more friendly and easier to adjust according to the needs. If the sound system was to be improved, it’d be ideal to have some speakers in the outside of the church for special celebrations such as: Palm Sunday, Easter Vigil, Corpus Christi, etc.
  5. A video recording system would be ideal for special celebrations, such as Father’s 25th Anniversary, 1st Communions, Confirmations, baptisms, etc.
  6. For the safety reasons, the doors of the church need to be “lockable”, meaning with a bar. Right now, we lock those doors and if someone wants out, he/she unlocks it and leaves, leaving the church vulnerable.
  7. The South doors to the church let the light through, which at certain times of the day can be very bothersome — blinding those facing that door, in our case the choir and the people seating in the overflow.
  8. A picture or statue of the Holy Trinity is a must for me, since we don’t have one single image with the Holy Trinity.
  9. I understand this is just a renovation and not an expansion, but we should consider adding to the capacity and not taking away.
  10. Marble or tile floors would be easier to take care of.

Thank you for your involvement and I am looking forward to the new renovation final plans.


The good news for Secret Agent T is that, except for #5, the committee has considered all these suggestions. Some of these are easy to address (#6) and some are a bit more challenging (#2 & #9).

Please e-mail your suggestions, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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