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Thanks to Allan Eckert, here’s an image from the back of the church. This was taken on opening weekend, 16-May-2007:

Click for a larger image.


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One design issue that the committee worked through is the pews. The pews have been installed, and now that the pews have been installed, we can take time to revisit where we stand our seating.

Shopping for pews is a unique experience. Most of us don’t don’t buy 1071.42 linear feet of oak furniture for our houses. We also don’t have to work with the interesting and demanding building codes which regulate seating installed in a public space.

Holy Trinity has 48 long pews (20′ 7″), four small (13′ 8.5″) pews in the back, and two mid-sized (15′ 3.5″) pews at the front.  These pews have metal kneelers and full end caps. The new pews are spaced to conform to the fire code and to allow for easy access.

The old pews were too close together. They were also too close to the outer walls. Architect Adam Hermanson’s new design has taken care of these challenges.

We accepted the proposal from Ratigan-Schottler Manufacturing, based in the small southeastern Nebraska town of Beatrice.  Click their logo to visit, or download your copy of the their pew catalog.

Ratigan – Schottler Manufacturing
201 S 2nd St
Beatrice, NE  68310-3899

Facebook fans like Gwen can connect to them here.

Allen Eckert has captured a few images that reflect the new beauty of the pews.

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After Monday’s bell ringer orientation, but while the choir was practicing, I captured these images of the nave with the newly installed pews.

Click for a larger image

Image captured 3-May-10.

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Thanks to Allan Eckert for this image of the nave, the balcony and the clerestory. Compare this to Dave Koski’s image from the open house last November:

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Thanks to Allan Eckert for this image.

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Nave on 4-MAR

Thanks to Allan Eckert for the image.

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