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The summer 2009 issue of ArchitectColorado includes two features on projects at Holy Trinity. ArchitectColorado is the professional journal of the Colorado Component of the American Institute of Architects. Our architect, Adam Hermanson is a member of the AIA. This issue has a focus on religious architecture. Holy Trinity and Integration Design Group are featured in two articles.

The second article is in the On The Boards section, by author Mary Lou Jay.  Jay highlights four current design projects. Two projects are Catholic churches (us and Holy Name in Steamboat Springs) and two projects are in Westminster (us and Westminster Church of the Nazarene.) The other project is the Boulder Jewish Commons, a future campus development on the east side of Boulder. With our completion date of 2010, the Holy Trinity project is farthest along.

Here is the part of the article referencing the new Holy Trinity remodeling project:

Excerpt: ArchitectColorado, Volume 5, Issue 1, p 45:

Holy Trinity Church
Architect: Adam Hermanson, AIA
Location: Westminster, Colorado
Client: Holy Trinity Catholic Church/ Archdiocese of Denver
Construction Cost: $2 million
: 2,000-square-foot narthex addition, new bell tower, entry plaza, addition of clerestory roof and windows and complete interior renovation.
Purpose: Accommodate needs of growing church
Completion: April 2010
As the community of Holy Trinity Catholic Church approaches its 50-year jubilee, it is preparing to expand the church to accommodate a growth in parishioner families. In 1959, when parish members built the current church building, they intended to use it as the church only until a new one could be built. The original building would then become the school gymnasium. The separate church was never built, so for 50 years the parish has continued to use the original building as its worship space.

To raise the stature and nobility of the church, the parish is moving forward with an addition and complete renovation of the building. Integration Design Group has worked with the parish to develop the design over the past several months. The project will include a new prominent entrance into a larger narthex at the west front of the church, surmounted by a cross to be salvaged from the existing steeple; a new choir loft; a new area of raised roof with clerestory windows; a completely remodeled sanctuary; and new liturgical elements and furnishings throughout. The community hopes to include a new bell tower in the project as well. The addition and renovation will encourage a greater sense of the sacred, both on the exterior and interior of the church.

Integration Design Group is providing design services for not only the architectural aspects, but also the complete interior design and finish package; the artwork and furniture design and procurement; and the design of the liturgical elements, including altars, tabernacle canopy, ambo, baptismal font, baldachino and altar rail.

Architect Adam Hermanson is a member of the AIA. The Colorado Component of the American Institute of Architects can be found at www.aiacolorado.org. Click the link for the order form to order your copy of ArchitectColorado.

An excerpt from the first article from ArchitectColorado on “A Shared Vision of the Sacred” by Chryss Cada can be found here: ArchitectColorado 1: Holy Trinity’s Adoration Chapel.


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The Iron Triangle

The Iron Triangle of Project Management

The Iron Triangle (shown above) is a bedrock principle of project management. Every project since the dawn of time, from Stonehenge to the Space Shuttle, has had to deal with the triple constraints of Scope, Schedule and Resources. These are defined as:

  • Scope/Scale – what must be built
  • Schedule – when it must be finished, plus significant milestones
  • Resources – who builds it, how much it must cost.

The rule is “Good, Fast, Cheap – Pick any Two”. This reflects the idea that it is impossible to optimize for all three constraints.

In our case, our budget, though generous, is fixed. The schedule is tight, because we have to be done before December 2009. Since these two are constrained, the scope and scale of our renovation project must be flexible. This is why the committee has to set priorities.

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Feedback from the Townhall Meeting is coming in, and last night at our Committee Meeting, we had a chance to look over the first suggestions submitted on the Pre-Design Questionnaires. If you haven’t had a chance to tell us your ideas, please do so quickly.

Many of the suggestions can be grouped into eight hot button areas. These are (in no particular order):

  • Seating and Pews (old versus new, padded versus wood) and Kneelers *
  • Bells
  • Handicapped Access *
  • Art and Statuary
  • The Cry Room
  • Floor Covering (carpet versus smooth)
  • Facilities and Location for the Choir *
  • Temperatures and Comfort Systems *

The good news is that the committee is addressing many of these (those starred with an asterisk) directly in our first order goals. The others listed above are on our radar.

Please let us know if we’ve missed anything. We’ll be posting more on each of these topics, and any others that we may have missed.

The committee is committed to listening to everyone. However, we’ve had a few suggestions to address things that are outside of the scope of the remodeling project. Unfortunately, your Remodeling Committee won’t be able to do anything about:

  • The content of the hymnals
  • The use of Gregorian Chant during the Mass
  • The amount of paper towel dispensed in the bathrooms by the gym
  • Mass Times
  • Expanding or eliminating the use of the Tridentine Latin Mass
  • Parishioners talking in church

These are all valid concerns with life in our parish, but under our current charter, these are not issues that the committee can tackle.

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The handout shared at our 08 April 2008 Townhall Meeting included a one-page questionnaire asking for input from the parish. We promised to make an electronic version of the questionnaire available, and so here it is!

The committee would like to get your feedback on these fourteen different questions. Feel free to answer just the ones you feel strongly about. You can submit your thoughts anonymously on paper, or electronically.

Choose one of the following questionnaire formats:

MS-Word File Pre-Design Questionnaire (MS-Word version)

Pre-Design Questionnaire (Adobe PDF version)

Please print out a version and add your thoughts. You can e-mail a completed version to the address listed on the form. Return your paper version in the collection basket at Sunday Mass, hand-deliver it to Margaret at the rectory, slip it anonymously through the rectory mail slot, or slide it under the sacristy door. If you want to snail-mail a version to the rectory, send it to:

c/o Father John Hilton
Holy Trinity Rectory
7595 Federal Blvd.
Westminster, CO 80030

Please make sure that we have received your input by close of business on Monday, 21 April 2008.

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Notes from the Renovation Committee meeting on 11 March:

What things do we hope to accomplish in this renovation project?

  • We hope to encourage and promote a greater sense of beauty and mystery in the liturgy.
  • The space should correspond to the increased beauty of the language that is being incorporated into the new English missal.
  • The language is more vertical, raising our experience of the Mass to make it less ‘everyday’ and more sacred.
  • The new design should reflect this reverence.
  • We will be good listeners, to encourage and facilitate the participation of the community in the process of renovation.
  • We hope to worship in a beautiful space.
  • Keep young parishioners and young families, encourage their willingness to volunteer – so that they will desire to be active in the parish.
  • The renovation should be Catholic – beauty, holiness, tradition. Celebration of what makes us Catholic is attractive to younger parishioners.
  • Good stewardship – both now and in the future, with an eye to present costs and long-term costs of operation and maintenance.
  • Establish enough space for the community – especially the Spanish-speaking liturgies.

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After approximately one month of meetings, the Renovation Committee has a shorter list of items as our priorities. At our meeting on Tuesday, 11 March, architect Adam Hermanson helped us focus on our top priorities. Adam asked us for our top five, and we dutifully doubled his request and added one.

Here are our current top items (in no particular order):

  • Retain or expand seating – don’t lose seats. All should feel welcome.
  • Provide full accessibility.
  • Thermal comfort systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, insulation) must be brought up to date.
  • Ease of expansion for up to 1,000 people – including how the expansion space is included into the body of the assembly.
  • Establishing a visible and permanent sign of our common baptism.
  • Proper space, equipment and accommodation (including sound system) for our music ministry.
  • Accentuate the vertical – lifting our eyes and hearts toward God.
  • Increase natural light – but don’t sacrifice the mystery.
  • New fully functional, up to date lighting system.
  • Increase the “Noble Beauty” of the space.
  • Visibility of the church from the exterior.

Of course, we all acknowledged the need to bring the space up to current building code requirements.

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