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Thanks to Allan Eckert for this image.

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Thanks to Allan Eckert for the image.

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Holy Family Cathedral in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Phot...The folks at Holy Family Cathedral, the mother church for the Diocese of Tulsa Oklahoma, are wrapping up a remodeling project that they starting in 2006. They’ve been tracking their progress on a blog too – theirs is called Haec Est Domus Domini. The current project includes rebuilding the cathedral spires (replacing wood with metal), a new copper roof, a complete renovation of the chapel, and a new vibrant paint scheme.

Holy Family’s founding families invested in providing a beautiful house for the Lord. Here’s a view of some of the original Stained Glass Windows – “The Crucifixion” (click for more):

Holy Family was erected in 1914, and was remodeled several times over the years. Here’s the 1930’s look:

Holy Family Tulsa 1930sHere’s a view after the 1948 remodeling. The priests chose an ornate set of stencils for their co-cathedral:

Holy Family Tulsa 1948

Tulsa was elevated to a diocese in 1973. This is a view of the post-Vatican II remodeling and monochrome paint scheme from 1974:

Holy Family Tulsa 1974The remodeling Holy Family has restored the noble beauty of earlier designs. This is a view of the new paint scheme, as completed May 2008 (not yet stenciled):

Holy Family Tulsa 2008Plans for the new Chi-Rho stenciling behind the main altar, and the stencils for the Mary and Joseph chapels:Holy Family Tulsa - Stencil PatternsNew Stenciling in the Mary Chapel:

We wish Msgr. Gier, the staff of Holy Family Cathedral and the artisans and workers the best of luck on their project. Follow their remodeling progress on their blog Haec Est Domus Domini. You can find the first posts from June 2006, including a quick history of the parish, by clicking here.

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