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To help the renovation committee focus on the project priorities, architect Adam Hermanson asked us to list our thoughts on a pre-design questionnaire. This series of daily questions will allow parishioners to do the same.

I’ll post one question per day – please take a minute to leave your thoughts in a comment.

The fifth question is:

What changes would be required to improve the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section – especially if you were married at Holy Trinity. Click the “How To Post Your Comments” tab above for instructions on how to share your thoughts.

Click to see question #1, question #2, question #3 and question #4.

Also – see the 1966 Benttinen/Dreher Wedding


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1966 Wedding

Parishioner Nancy Thompson shares a few images of the original configuration of Holy Trinity:

I hope you enjoy these older pictures of Holy Trinity Church. These are from when my older sister Barbara Benttinen married Robert Dreher on April 23, 1966. Father Joseph A. Meznar married them. I’m sure some parishioners still remember him.

Some things I’d like to point out about the church pictures:

  • altar railing
  • tile flooring
  • big ornate altar
  • candlestick stands
  • coloring of the pews
  • teal carpet in the sanctuary
  • overflow curtains
  • location of The Blessed Virgin Statue
  • location of the candles to light and pray for others
  • coloring of the back wall behind the altar
  • big cross/crucifix behind the altar, and the way it comes out of the wall

Notice the vestments Father Joe is wearing……

Hope you like them,


Click on each image for a full size picture.

Looking across the Sanctuary

Before Mary

Down the Aisle


Great stuff! Thanks, Nancy!

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On 2 July 1972, Archbishop James Casey assigned Father Albert Puhl to St. Mark’s parish. After Father Puhl left, Holy Trinity was remodeled. This photograph captures trendy look as it existed in June 1984 at the Sand/Quintana wedding.


Hat tip to Marcia Sand for sharing this image from her sister-in-law Kathy’s wedding to Larry Quintana.

Update 12 May from Marcia: John Sand’s family were members at Guardian Angels, so the name may not be familiar to people. Kathy and John’s parents are Darrel and Shirley Sand. Larry’s parents have been parishioners at Holy Trinity a long time – if not from the beginning, they joined shortly after. (Their names are Lawrence and Peggy Quintana.)

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