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On Friday, 14 August 2009, Parishioner Allan Eckert sent this note about an on-line album he’s created:

Here are some photos I took of the remodeling of Holy Trinity. Please let anyone else that might be interest know about this link. Thanks.

Here are five excerpts from Allan’s album. Click each image for a larger view.

Holy Trinity South End 14 August by Allan EckertHoly Trinity West End 14 August by Allan EckertHoly Trinity North End 14 August by Allan EckertHoly Trinity East End (Interior) by Allan Eckert

Holy Trinity Overflow Space 14 August by Allan Eckert

The full gallery can be found here:

Thanks, Allan!


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By the grace of God our Heavenly Father,
And through Jesus Christ, His only begotten son,

The Gentlemen of the
Holy Name Society
of Holy Trinity Catholic Church
request the honor of your presence at their

Annual Father-Son Breakfast

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Ten O’Clock in the Morning
in the Holy Trinity Overflow

Featuring good food, manly fellowship, a guest speaker and door prize drawings. Tickets for sale after Masses during May, or contact a HNS member.


Ham and Eggs, Cinnamon Rolls, Hash Browned Potatoes and Juice

Ticket Prices:

* Fathers are $6.00 each
* Sons aged 13 and over are $6.00
* Sons aged 6 to 12 are $3.00
* Sons aged 5 and under are free

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hitchcock_secret_agent.jpgOne of our parishioners sent the following suggestions in an e-mail. When I asked if I could post her suggestions, she said yes, if I would keep her identity private. The ideas she suggests are good, so I happily agreed in order to keep this conversation going. (That really isn’t her in the image at right.) Here are the suggestions from “Secret Agent T.”

Hi Troy, Thanks for sending this to me. It’s a great idea to open this up to everyone.I do have some ideas, which I’d like you to bring up in your next meeting. I know sometimes the budget does limit our wishes. According to my experience, these are my suggestions:
  1. Location of the choir: It would work out better in the South side instead of the North side, because:
    a) the sacristan has to go around the choir and cables, making it dangerous or difficult for her to go to the sanctuary
    b) When we open the overflow, the noise from the overflow is amplified by the microphones used by the choir.
  2. The ventilation during the year is not appropriate. There are spots where you get too cold or too warm. During the Spanish Masses, the air does not circulate, either in the winter or in the summer.
  3. I’d like to see the overflow more as part of the church, when we open it up for Mass. It’s not an inviting worshiping area. Perhaps this area could be turned into a cry room, with a glass in between the overflow and the church.
  4. The sound system needs to me more friendly and easier to adjust according to the needs. If the sound system was to be improved, it’d be ideal to have some speakers in the outside of the church for special celebrations such as: Palm Sunday, Easter Vigil, Corpus Christi, etc.
  5. A video recording system would be ideal for special celebrations, such as Father’s 25th Anniversary, 1st Communions, Confirmations, baptisms, etc.
  6. For the safety reasons, the doors of the church need to be “lockable”, meaning with a bar. Right now, we lock those doors and if someone wants out, he/she unlocks it and leaves, leaving the church vulnerable.
  7. The South doors to the church let the light through, which at certain times of the day can be very bothersome — blinding those facing that door, in our case the choir and the people seating in the overflow.
  8. A picture or statue of the Holy Trinity is a must for me, since we don’t have one single image with the Holy Trinity.
  9. I understand this is just a renovation and not an expansion, but we should consider adding to the capacity and not taking away.
  10. Marble or tile floors would be easier to take care of.

Thank you for your involvement and I am looking forward to the new renovation final plans.


The good news for Secret Agent T is that, except for #5, the committee has considered all these suggestions. Some of these are easy to address (#6) and some are a bit more challenging (#2 & #9).

Please e-mail your suggestions, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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On Friday, 14 March, I had a chance to brief the Holy Trinity School Advisory Committee (SAC) on the what the Renovation Committee has been discussing. The SAC members were interested in the progress and the plan, particularly in how remodeling might affect the Mass times for the students, and how our plan would impact the use of the overflow space as a cafeteria.

I asked for suggestions, and the SAC members happily shared their good ideas. Their list of ideas is (hopefully represented correctly) here:

  • Padded seats in the pews
  • Make something marble (in the sanctuary)
  • We need a baptismal font
  • Build out to the west
  • Need more handicapped space in the west parking lot
  • Deal with the acoustic sound in the overflow space
  • Consider adding the same flooring in the overflow that we have in the gym
  • Increase the sound separation between church and overflow
  • Add some security doors so the church can be open during the day
  • Paint the back wall a different color – “we can’t see the Eucharist at the elevation”
  • The cross and triangle design on the ends of the pews is cool and should be retained

Any thoughts on these suggestions?

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